Under-19 World Cup winner Unmukt Chand opens up on World Cup absence

India’s former Under-19 World Cup-winning captain Unmukt Chand has opened up on his absence from the USA squad for the recently-concluded T20 World Cup.

Unmukt Chand
Unmukt Chand

He revealed that it took him a long time to accept the decision and he went through a tough time adapting to it.

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Chand had retired from Indian cricket before relocating to the USA for better cricketing opportunities. He started the second season of the Major League Cricket (MLC) with a brilliant half-century, which is a big sign after his comeback.

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On the sidelines of the T20 World Cup, he expressed that he was very sad and shocked to be left out of the squad.

Chand told Cricbuzz,

“It was not an ideal situation. Because for me personally, it was what I had dreamt of for the last three years. Obviously, it was a big setback. And it took me time to accept it. It’s never easy as a player, after losing all those things at home in India, it’s a goal that was driving me for the last three years. So it’s difficult. I won’t say what happened. But it was difficult. I wasn’t at my best for a while.”

He considered the decision a result of his inner battle and said,

“It was a very internal battle and it’s basically a setback. It keeps pulling you inside. The feeling stays for a day and then goes away and then comes back. Reality hits me in different stages. Once you go through it you automatically get better. There comes a time when you think it didn’t happen, that’s it. I don’t even think about it.”

Check the breaking news on T20 World Cup 2024

He established his undying love for Indian cricket and revealed he found the decision difficult to come to terms with. He is now ready to strike out on his own with his new career in Major League Cricket.

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