Why Rahul Dravid said, focus on the present instead of the past ?

Indian cricket team head coach Rahul Dravid faced questions over a memory from an event in the pre-match press conference of the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024.

Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid

Dravid, who played a match in 1997 in Barbados, was reminded of the joys of his playing days.

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Reporter: “Rahul, as a player you have played here. Not the best memories of 97 Tests?”

Dravid: “Wow, thanks a lot mate! I have some more good memories here.”

Reporter: “That’s my question. Is this an opportunity for you to make new and better memories tomorrow?”

Dravid: “Oh my God! I am not trying to create anything new, yaar!”

Furthermore, on the question of the reporter, when he was reminded of his good performances, he clarified that he is now devoting his attention as a coach.

He said, “I don’t want to think too much about my past days. I have to see what I am doing now, and what to try to do tomorrow.”

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He explained his approach during his coaching, saying, “I move on from things. If we can win this match tomorrow, that is the most important thing for me.”

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Expressing hope for his team, he said, “We have to focus on tomorrow’s match and we have to prepare well to win it.”

Dravid described his specialty, saying, “I don’t look back. I just move forward and try to perform better as our coach.”

In this press conference, Dravid encouraged his team as well as strengthened his mentality. He wants his team to perform better in tomorrow’s match and make the country proud.

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