Ahmed Shehzad creates controversy by telling players, ‘Don’t celebrate holidays, come back to Pakistan’

The Pakistani cricket team has suffered a major setback in the very first round of the T20 World Cup 2024 when they have been knocked out of the tournament. The incident has created a stir on social media and some of the team players have been caught in controversies.

Ahmed Shehzad
Ahmed Shehzad

Captain Babar Azam and his teammate Haris Rauf have faced criticism on social media when they were dropped from the team. A video also surfaced of Haris Rauf’s dispute with a fan, which sparked anger and controversy on the internet.

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After the incident, Haris Rauf’s supporters supported him on social media, which had become controversial. Apart from this, Pakistani batsman Ahmed Shahzad shared a scathing post in which he asked the players of the team to return to their country.

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Shahzad said in his post that he would have to return from his holidays abroad so that he could clarify the situation in support of his country. He also said that the team members should apologize to their fans who supported Haris Rauf.

Shahzad’s sharp comment, which became a controversial post

Shahzad said, “While we completely condemn what happened to Haris Rauf, it is also important that the posts made by the players in support of Haris due to his poor performance in the World Cup should be removed from the fans. This should have been done as an apology.”

He further said, “It would be good if these players apologize to the country, these players should feel ashamed and these players return to Pakistan instead of spending holidays in America, England or Dubai. These posts of the players should not change the atmosphere and fans should get answers for the poor performance of the players.”

Apart from this, Shahzad said, “Accountability is very important now. The same group of players has not won anything for our country in the last five years and they have given priority to individual achievements instead of the collective success of Pakistan.”

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This support and criticism has become a big issue on social media, due to which controversies are also emerging on the financial and social status of the Pakistani cricket team. Efforts are underway to resolve the issue of T20 World Cup 2024, while the matter of dispute between the players is also being examined by experts.

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