What advice did Indian fielding coach T Dilip give to the team after the victory over America?

The Indian team’s brilliant performance against the USA saw Suryakumar Yadav and Shivam Dubey lead the team to victory with their magical batting.

Indian fielding coach T Dilip
Indian fielding coach T Dilip

With their mutual partnership, India continued their good performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup. In this match, co-hosts USA were defeated by 7 wickets at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

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Mohammed Siraj’s fielding also made the match interesting. He took excellent catches to dismiss batsmen Aaron Jones and Nitish Kumar, making a significant contribution to the team’s victory. Along with this, he also ran out Jasdeep Singh.

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After this victory, former Indian cricketer and World Cup winner Yuvraj Singh awarded Siraj the ‘Fielder of the Match’ medal.

Indian fielding coach T Dilip praised the team’s fielding and said that this kind of consistency makes the team great.

Indian fielding coach T Dilip praised the good fielding done by the team in the last three matches and said that

“I have always believed that the consistency of our team is what makes good great. And I think that was a perfect example. We showed it very well today. Did well in the first three matches. Every little effort, I think we chased in pairs, what we did, not giving up on the boundary line, backing up, going to the hot spot. These are the little things that make a lot of difference as a group.”

“I think that helps us become the best version of ourselves every time we push those boundaries. Well done. And it is very important that it is natural to accept small mistakes. And what makes us so special is that we bounce back and keep motivating ourselves to be the best. And that is what we can see in the last two matches that even though we made some mistakes, we came back very strongly as a unit.”

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Rishabh Pant, Suryakumar Yadav and Mohammad Siraj, who performed well in the match, were awarded the ‘Fielder of the Match’ medal. Dilip introduced Yuvraj Singh as a contender for this award, saying that his fielding is a symbol of excellent fielding for the team.

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