Why did Pak Ex-cricketer Kamran Akmal apologize to Harbhajan Singh?

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 02:26 pm

The racist talk between Indian cricket legend Harbhajan Singh and Pakistani cricketer Kamran Akmal has put the sports world in deep controversy.

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Kamran Akmal apologize to Harbhajan Singh
Kamran Akmal apologize to Harbhajan Singh

When the match of T20 World Cup 2024 was going on between India and Pakistan held in New York, Akmal made a racist comment on Team India’s current star Arshdeep Singh and said, “Kuch bhi ho sakta hai… 12 baj gaye hai.”

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This incident created a big stir on social media. Harbhajan Singh expressed great concern and strong criticism over this incident. He denied Akmal’s comment and said that he is against racist remarks.

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Harbhajan wrote in his statement on Twitter, “Lakh di dhaanat tere Kamran Akmal… You should know the history of Sikhs before opening your dirty mouth. We Sikhs saved your mothers and sisters when they were kidnapped by the invaders, it was always 12 o’clock at that time. You should be ashamed… Show some gratitude.”

Subsequently, Akmal apologised and expressed regret over his remarks, saying that his words were inappropriate and offensive. He sincerely apologises to Harbhajan Singh and the Sikh community.

He said, “I deeply regret my recent comments and sincerely apologize to @harbhajan_singh and the Sikh community. My words were inappropriate and disrespectful. I have the utmost respect for Sikhs all over the world and never intended to hurt anyone. I am truly sorry”

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The incident has created a huge uproar in the cricket community and demands for strict action against racist comments are being made. The need for greater sensitivity towards social harmony and equality in the sports world is being highlighted.

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