UDAN Reaches New Heights: 500 Routes Milestone in Government’s Regional Connectivity Scheme

In an extraordinary milestone, the Government’s transformative Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) – Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN Scheme) – has achieved a remarkable feat by launching flights on 500 routes since its inception in 2017. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the scheme on April 27, 2017, with a symbolic flag-off ceremony, marking a new era in India’s aviation sector.

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UDAN Scheme: 500 Routes Soar in Regional Connectivity Scheme
UDAN Scheme

This visionary initiative was designed to bridge the gap between smaller and larger cities, connecting them through affordable air travel. Since then, UDAN Scheme has made significant progress, with a total of 493 routes operational as of October 3, 2023, and recent additions in the fifth phase of the scheme, primarily in Southern India, pushing the total number to an impressive 500 routes.

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These developments underline the scheme’s commitment to expanding regional connectivity, transforming the lives of millions across the country.

UDAN Scheme’s Impactful Journey

UDAN Scheme has become synonymous with revolutionizing regional air connectivity, and its impact has been significant. The scheme was introduced to bring the joys of air travel to underserved and unserved airports, fostering economic growth, increasing tourism, and generating employment opportunities in these areas. It has not only provided wings to the aspirations of millions, but has also paved the way for holistic development in various regions.

A Testament to Success

The achievement of 500 operational routes underscores the scheme’s resounding success and the government’s unwavering commitment to enhancing regional connectivity. Launched under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, UDAN Scheme has been instrumental in making air travel more accessible and affordable to the common citizen. The initiative has effectively transformed India’s aviation landscape, facilitating connectivity between urban and rural areas and propelling economic development.

UDAN Scheme’s Evolution

UDAN Scheme has witnessed remarkable growth through five rounds, with different routes being awarded to various airlines. The third round was particularly prolific, with the commencement of flights on 165 routes, followed closely by the second round, which saw the launch of 152 routes. This evolution highlights the scheme’s adaptability and its capacity to cater to diverse regions and their specific needs.

The future of UDAN Scheme promises to be even more promising. During the launch of the fifth round of the scheme, Civil Aviation Minister J Scindia expressed his confidence in the program’s potential to bring new routes into the network, taking us closer to the goal of operationalizing 1,000 routes.

Additionally, the plan includes the establishment of 50 more airports, heliports, and water aerodromes. This bold vision reflects the government’s commitment to extending the benefits of air travel to every Indian, regardless of their location, thereby fostering a more connected and prosperous nation.

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A Scheme for the People

UDAN Scheme was conceptualized with the people’s welfare in mind. Its core mission is to provide an affordable and efficient mode of air travel to the underserved and unserved regions of the country. By doing so, the scheme empowers people, catalyzes economic growth, promotes tourism, and generates employment opportunities in these areas.

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