Sevana Pension Scheme: Easy Guide On Eligibility, Login, DBT and Sevana Registration In 2023

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Sevana Pension | Kerala Pension | Kshema Pension | Sevana Pension DBT | Sevana Pension Login

With over 3.6 million people taking benefit of it Kerala Pension scheme is a Social Welfare Scheme with seven types of schemes involved in it for widows, farmers, unmarried women over 50, disabled and old age people. 

It was introduced as a solution to troubleshoot delayed and duplicate pensions under the social welfare scheme in Kerala. Under this innovative scheme, financial assistance of Rs.250 to Rs.1500 per month is given to eligible candidates’ bank account 

With You don’t need to make circles of government offices to gain information about the scheme and how to take benefit of it as in this article we are about to discuss some really important information about the Eligibility, login, Search, Sevana pension DBT Status, Beneficiary List and Registration of the Kshema pension scheme. 

Sevana Pension Overview

Scheme Name Sevana Pension
Beneficiary Poor Agriculture Workers, Old age citizen, Physically or Mentally Disabled citizen, Unmarried women and Widows 
Launched By Government of Kerala
Types of PensionFive 
Mode of applicationBoth Online and offline 
Distribution of DBT (Amount)46,492.35 Cr
Distribution of DBT (No.)20.82 Cr
Number of Beneficiaries5,232,984
Toll Free Contact Number 1800 – 4251 – 1800, 
Official Email
Sevana Pension Scheme

Sevana Pension is a social security system in Kerala, India, aimed at providing efficient and transparent mechanisms for social security services executed through local governments. 

Here are some key points about kshema pension scheme:

  • It is an application software deployed in local governments within Kerala state. The intention behind developing this software was to prevent theft and delays in pension distribution. 
  • Pension schemes such as National Old Age Pension Kerala, Widow Pension, Pension to Unmarried Women above 50 years, Pension to the Physically Challenged Persons, Pension to the Mentally Challenged Persons, Agriculture Labour Pension, Unemployment wages (Previously handled by Training and Employment Department) are given under this scheme. 
  • It is a scheme introduced to provide financial assistance to various categories of people including widows and unmarried women over 50 years old and the disabled as well. 
  • The scheme is designed in a way to streamline the disbursement of social welfare benefits to the poorest of the poor in the state. 
  • The system is maintained by the Information Kerala Mission and network services by the State e-governance data center. 
  • The Sevana Pension scheme provides a pension to eligible beneficiaries, which is disbursed through direct benefit transfer (DBT). 
  • Beneficiaries can check their pension status and search for their name in the beneficiary list through the Sevana Pension website. 

Eligibility to apply for Sevana Pension Scheme In Kerala 

Certain eligibility criteria like age limit affect the registration process of the Kerala Pension Scheme. The age limit to apply for the Sevana Pension scheme in Kerala, India, varies depending on the type of pension. The common eligibility criteria for all pensions is that the person must be below the poverty line and should possess no regular source of income.

Pension Scheme In Kerala Eligibility Amount Age Limit 
1.IGN old-age pension program or old age pension keralaThe person applying for old age pension keralamust be below the poverty line and should have no regular source of income. 
Candidates should be 80% disabled. 
Salary employees and taxpayers are excluded from the benefits of this scheme. 
Applicants must not be a beneficiary of any other Central Government or State Government pension scheme.
Applicants of old age pension kerala should be permanent residents of Kerala. 
₹1500-300060-75 years 
2.Widow pension: The Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension SchemeThe applicant’s age should be 50 years or above. 
The widow must be a Citizen of Kerala. 
The applying widow should not be a taxpayer or a salaried employee. 
Should not be remarried. 
The annual income of the candidate must not cross one lakh.
The widow who is filing the form should not be a Beggar.
₹150050+ Years 
3.Pension to unmarried women above 50 yearsShould be an unemployed unmarried woman. 
Should not have above 2 acres of land registered in her name. 
Should be a permanent resident of Kerala. 
₹150050 years 
4.Indira Gandhi National (IGN) disability pension schemeApplicants should be 80%percent physically or mentally incapable.
Beggars are not to apply for this scheme. 
Candidates must not have a family income of more than a Lakh. 
₹3000No Age Limit 
5. Agricultural Worker’s Pension SchemeCandidates should have an annual income of 1 lakh. 
The applying agriculture worker must be above 60 years. 
Candidates should have residence proof of Kerala. 
Income taxpayers are excluded from taking benefit of the scheme. 
To take benefit of this Kerala pension scheme applying candidates must not be receiving any financial help from any central government scheme. 
Salaried employees are ineligible for the scheme. 
Workers should be in agriculture for 10 years. 
Only one member of a family can take Benefit from the scheme.  
₹1500No Age limit 

How to apply for the Kerala Pension?

To apply for the Sevana Pension scheme in Kerala check out the steps given below:

Check your eligibility: 

The Sevana Pension scheme provides financial assistance to various categories of people, including widows, unmarried women over 50 years old, and the disabled. 

Gather the required essential documents: 

You will need to provide documents such as proof of age, income certificate, bank account details, and other similar information to become eligible for the scheme and process the Sevana registration process. 

Apply online: 

Visit the kshema pension or Sevana Pension website and fill out the application form. While you’ll fill out the form the above-mentioned documents would be required. 

Check application status: 

You can check the status of your application and pension status through the Sevana Pension website. 

Documents required to apply for the Sevana Kerala Pension

To apply for the Sevana Pension scheme in Kerala, India, you will need to provide certain documents. Here are some of the documents required to apply for the Sevana Pension scheme:

  • PROOF OF AGE: You will need to provide a document that proves your age, such as a birth certificate, voter ID card, or passport. 
  • INCOME CERTIFICATE: You will need to provide an income certificate that shows your income level. 
  • BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS: You will need to provide your bank account details, including the account number and IFSC code. 
  • DEATH CERTIFICATE: if you are a widow, you may need to provide the death certificate of your spouse. 

For more information check the official website at

Where can I find the Sevana Pension scheme application form? 

You can find the Sevana Pension scheme application form in the following ways:

and click on the download tab to download the application form.

  • Local Government Institutions: You can also get the application form from the respective local government institutions.
  • Sevana Pension Social Security System: You can download the application form from the Sevana Pension Social Security System website.

Application Process Of Kerala Pension Scheme (Sevana Pension)  

Below given is a simple process to fill out the application for the Kerala pension scheme.

  • Download the application form: Download the application form from the official website or get it from the concerned authorities from the official website at
  • Read the instructions: Read the instructions carefully before filling out the application form.
  • Fill out personal details: Fill out personal details such as name, address, contact information, and Aadhaar card number.
  • Choose the type of pension: Choose the type of pension you are eligible for and want to apply for.
  • Fill details: Fill out the pension details such as the amount of pension, bank account details, and nominee details.
  • Upload the required documents: Upload the required documents such as an Aadhaar card, bank account details, and disability certificate (if applicable).
  • Apply: Submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents to the concerned officer at the nearest Akshaya center or Grama Panchayat.
Sevana Pension
Application Process Of Sevana Pension

Step-by-step Process of Sevana Registration 

A four-step simple process is involved in Sevana Registration or kshema pension registration; 

  • Fill out the registration form: Fill out the registration form with personal details such as name, address, and contact information, and upload the required documents.
  • Submit the registration form: Submit the registration form online.
  • Verification: Medical officers are appointed to verify the relevance of the application and to ensure the applicant is mentally challenged for the Pension to Physically or Mentally Disabled Persons. 

How to check Sevana Pension status Details online? 

You might be wondering how to access the details of your Sevana Pension status or Status 

account online. Here is a simple guide taking you to the desired results. 

  • Visit their official website. 
  • Enter your Aadhar number or pensioner ID or reference number or account number. Any of above info you have to access details of your Sevana pension DBT and other important information. 
  • Enter the captcha code. 
  • Click on the search button. 
  • Now you get a new window with details of your pension. 
Sevana Pension DBT
Sevana Pension DBT

How to access the Sevana pension login portal? 

With the help of the Sevana pension login portal, one can check all the services of the Sevana pension scheme. 

  • Click on the official login Tab available on the Home page of kshema pension website. 
  • Enter personal details such as username and password and enter the captcha code to process the login form of Sevana pension login. 
Sevana Pension Login
Sevana Pension Login

Where can I find the Sevana Pension DBT, status and search option? 

As we know it is a direct benefit scheme where a financial assurance of 250-1500 is directly transferred to bank accounts of eligible candidates. The DBT module is aimed at the direct transfer of benefits to the beneficiaries bank accounts. The DBT module is aimed at reducing administrative corruption and ensuring that the funds allocated are not diverted. To find the Sevana Pension status of Sevana Pension DBT search option, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the Social Security System, Government of Kerala to check the Status


  • Click on the “DBT Process Docs” option on the homepage. 
  • Click on the “Data synchronization from the local body to pension web server” link. 
  • Click on the “DBTOfficewiseStatus” link.
  • Enter the required details such as district, local body, and office name. 
  • Click on the “Submit” button to check the Sevana Pension DBT status. 
  • Alternatively, you can also find the Sevana Pension DBT status search option by visiting the Sevana Pension DBT module of the Social Security System, Government of Kerala.
  • The DBT module provides the district-wise disbursement status of the Sevana Pension DBT. 

How long does it take to receive the DBT payment after checking the status? 

The Sevana Pension DBT Scheme is being used by the Co-Operative Banks to disburse Social welfare pensions in a time-bound manner. 

However, the exact time frame for receiving the payment may vary depending on various factors such as the processing time of the bank or post office, the accuracy of the details provided, and the status of the pension application. 

It is recommended to contact the bank or post office where the pension account is held for more information on the payment status and expected time frame.

Credit : asianetnews

How to run Sevana Pension Search? 

Here is the link to the direct page to help you run Sevana pension search at ; This Sevana Pension search facility can help you find any information regarding the Sevana pension scheme easily with few clicks 

  • Enter Aadhar ID or Pensioner ID or Account Number.
  • Type the information you want to Search for. 
  • Enter Captcha 

Click on the Search button. Page with whatever information you wanted regarding the Sevana pension search would get opened.

Sevana Pension Search
Sevana Pension Search


In this article, we discussed the Sevana pension Scheme In Kerala in detail. Using the Sevana pension website only and with the help of documents such as Aadhar number or pensioner ID or reference number or account number you can access all information about the Sevana pension scheme Kerala online. We hope to have helped you with information on all the relevant aspects of this Kerala Pension scheme, Sevana pension login and about the Sevana pension DBT. However, if you are left with any query post it in the comments below. 

Sevana Pension FAQs :

Q1. Which pension scheme in Kerala?

A popular scheme with 5 pensions in IT regulated by the State Government of Kerala is the Sevana Pension scheme under the Social Security System, Govt. of Kerala.

Q2. How many pension schemes are there in Kerala?

The Gram Panchayat Government of Kerala has implemented five schemes under social welfare schemes Sevana pension Scheme In Kerala. Those five schemes are named as follows IGN old-age pension program or old age pension Kerala, Widow pension: The Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme, Pension to unmarried women above 50 years, Indira Gandhi National (IGN) disability pension scheme and Agricultural Workers Pension Scheme.

Q3. What is the amount of old age pension in Kerala?

Under the Sevana pension scheme in Kerala old age people under age 65 to 75 are given financial assistance of ₹1,500. 

Q4. Who is eligible for social welfare pension in Kerala?

There are five welfare pension schemes in Kerala targeting different poor people in society. There are different eligibility criteria for different pension schemes, for example for the Pension to unmarried women Scheme the women should not be employed or a taxpayer and must be a resident Of Kerala. The common eligibility criteria for all pensions is that the person must be below the poverty line and should possess no regular source of income.

Q5. Who started the pension scheme in Kerala?

The pension scheme in Kerala was started by the state government in 2013 with the adoption of the National Pension System. 

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