Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme 2024: Apply Online, Making Government Services Easy

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The Tamil Nadu government has introduced the “Makkaludan Mudhalvar” scheme on a pilot basis in Coimbatore and Sulur. 

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This scheme aims to streamline and expedite the delivery of government services to the public. With an emphasis on accessibility and efficiency, the scheme promises to bring numerous benefits to the people of Tamil Nadu. 

In this article we have given you the complete information on the Tamil Nadu Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme and its comprehensive services, benefits, key highlights, status check and detailed procedure for online registration.

All you need to know about “Makkaludan Mudhalvar” scheme 2024.


Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme
Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme
Scheme Name: Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme 
Year: 2023 
Launching Government:  Tamil Nadu Government 
Beneficiary: Tamil Nadu Natives 
Objective: Ensures a simplified process for accessing government services for Tamil Nadu people.
Announced By: CM Mr. K. Stalin 
Scheme Level: State Level 
Application Procedure To be Announced. 
Official Website

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin is set to launch the ‘Makkaludan Mudhalvar’ scheme on December 18, 2023. 

The scheme will organize camps in urban areas to deliver government services of 13 identified departments at the doorstep of the people. 

The scheme is expected to simplify and speed up the process of availing government services for the people of Tamil Nadu. 

During the initial stage, spanning from December 18, 2023, to January 6, 2024, a total of 1,745 special camps will take place across all districts, excluding the four impacted by Michaung.

Under this, applicants will need to register on a dedicated portal and submit their requests. 

These applications will be directed to the respective department for immediate redressal. 

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By eliminating cumbersome paperwork and lengthy procedures, the scheme ensures a simplified process for accessing government services.

The name “Makkaludan Mudhalvar” signifies the importance of public contact and engagement in the scheme, reflecting the government’s commitment to making government services more accessible and user-friendly for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Comprehensive Services of the Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme: 

The Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme offers 33 services through 13 departments of the district administration. 

These services encompass a wide range of areas, including healthcare, education, social welfare, and infrastructure development. 

By consolidating these services under a single scheme, the government aims to provide holistic and comprehensive support to the citizens.

  1. Direct Supervision: To ensure the smooth functioning of the scheme, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu will directly supervise the camps organized at the ward level. This hands-on approach not only underscores the government’s commitment to the initiative but also ensures accountability and timely delivery of services.
  1. Camps for Accessibility: Special camps will be organized at both urban and rural areas to facilitate the registration and collection of people’s requests. The camps will be conducted in a phased manner, starting with urban areas and subsequently moving to rural regions. This approach ensures equal accessibility for residents across the state.
  1. Timely Delivery: The Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme promises to provide the required services to the applicants within 30 days. This commitment to timely delivery demonstrates the government’s dedication to addressing the needs of the people promptly and efficiently.

What are the 13 key departments that will be covered under Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme? 

The scheme will cover services from 13 key departments, which are as follows:

  1. Revenue
  1. Municipal Administration
  1. Rural Development
  1. Adi Dravidar Welfare
  1. BCs, MBCs, and Minorities Welfare
  1. Social Welfare
  1. Differently Abled Welfare
  1. Electricity
  1. Labour
  1. MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises)
  1. Agriculture
  1. Health
  1. Education

These departments have been identified based on the services that people frequently approach, and the scheme aims to make these services easily accessible to the public. 

Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme Apply Online?

Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme

As of now, the specific details on how to apply for the ‘Makkaludan Mudhalvar’ scheme online are not available. However, the official website for the scheme,, has disclosed information regarding the offline camp centres for the grievance registration. These special camps will be held at wards and panchayati level throughout Tamil Nadu. You can give a call on 1100 if want to know more about the Makkaludan Mudhalvar Camp locations. 

Procedure of online registration for Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme

The scheme is an extension of previous initiatives such as ‘Kala Aaivil Mudhalvar’ and aims to deliver government services quickly and easily. The official website of the Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme allows for the registration of people’s grievances on the spot at the camps.

If the petitions are filed online, they should be uploaded on the spot. The scheme is part of a public outreach program and is set to be launched by Chief Minister MK Stalin on December 18, 2023. For online registration and further details, individuals can visit the our website on regular basis and we will also update on our officials whatsApp Group also.

How to check the Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme status

Once the scheme will be inaugurated on December 18, 2023 more information about the apply online procedure and status check procedure will be shared on the official website at


The launch of this in Tamil Nadu marks a significant step towards simplifying and expediting the delivery of government services. As the pilot program unfolds in Coimbatore and Sulur, any flaws and defects will be observed and rectified. If successful, the scheme will be extended statewide, positively impacting the lives of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. What is the makkaludan mudhalvar scheme?

This Scheme is a public outreach program in Tamil Nadu aimed at streamlining the grievance redressal process and making government services easily accessible to the people. 

Q.2. What is the timeline for the implementation of Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme?

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin is set to launch the ‘Makkaludan Mudhalvar’ scheme on December 18, 2023, after which the tenure of the implementation of the scheme will also be announced. 

Q.3. What are the eligibility criteria for the Makkaludan Mudhalvar scheme? 

The scheme is open to all individuals who need assistance with grievances related to these departments. There is no specific age or income limit mentioned for the scheme. 

Q.4. How many departments are included under the Makkaludan Mudhalvar Scheme?

There are 13 departments included in this. 

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