Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2024: PM Modi launched, ₹75,000 For Daughters, Offline Apply

In a world where gender equality remains an ongoing struggle, the introduction of the “Lek Ladki Yojana 2024” signifies a significant step forward in empowering women in Maharashtra. This initiative, announced during the 2023-24 budget speech by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and the Finance Minister, aims to provide financial assistance to girls hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Lek Ladki Yojana
Lek Ladki Yojana

It offers assistance to eligible families starting from a girl’s birth and continues throughout her educational journey. If you are a resident of Maharashtra and a girl interested in benefiting from this initiative, this article provides comprehensive information about the Maharashtra Lek Ladki Scheme list 2024.

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Key Highlights

Name of the schemeMaharashtra Lek Ladki Scheme
Started by whomMaharashtra Government
When did it start?2024
BeneficiaryPoor girls of Maharashtra
ObjectiveEducating girls
ApplicationOnline Application
Helpline numberNot released

Key Objectives of Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2024:

Financial Assistance:

The primary goal of this Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2024 registration is to offer financial support to girls from underprivileged families, addressing their financial needs throughout their educational journey.

Reducing the Burden:

Lek Ladki Scheme seeks to alleviate the financial burden on families with daughters, which may sometimes discourage investment in their education.


By providing five installments of financial aid, totaling Rs 75,000, when a girl turns 18, the Lek Ladki Yojana list aims to empower girls to pursue higher education and secure a brighter future.

Changing Perceptions:

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It also seeks to challenge and transform societal attitudes towards daughters, working towards eliminating biases and negative perceptions.

Eliminating Gender:

The scheme aligns with efforts to combat gender-based crimes, such as female foeticide, by fostering a more supportive environment for female children.

Financial Assistance Structure:

Financial support under the Maharashtra Lek Ladki Scheme 2024 is disbursed through a structured approach based on the educational progress of the girl child. Here is an overview of how financial assistance is provided:

Newborn Girls:

Families with eligible girls holding yellow and orange ration cards receive an initial financial assistance of Rs 5,000 upon the birth of the girl.

Primary School Entry:

When the girl child begins her primary education, an amount of Rs 4,000 is provided to support educational expenses.

Class XI entry:

Upon entering the sixth grade, the scheme grants a financial aid of Rs 6,000, helping the girls continue their education without financial constraints.

Higher Education Support:

When a girl child pursues higher education and enters the 11th grade, an additional Rs 8,000 is allocated.

Upon Turning 18:

As the girl reaches the age of 18, she is entitled to a lump sum payment of Rs 75,000, which can be a game-changer in her pursuit of higher education and self-reliance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday released benefits under ‘PM Cares for Children’ scheme, in which an eligible child is entitled to receive Rs 10 lakh once he or she turns twenty-three. Read more about this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

To avail of the benefits of the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Maharashtra.
  • The interested applicant should possess a bank account in the state, as the financial assistance will be deposited into this account.
  • Only families with yellow and orange ration cards are eligible to avail of this scheme.
  • The benefits are extended to economically weaker girls and provided until they reach 18 years of age.

Prominent Features

  • It is exclusively designed for girls from economically disadvantaged families within the state.
  • The scheme offers comprehensive financial support from birth through the course of a girl’s education, with the amount disbursed in five installments.
  • The financial support provided by the state government is intended to make education more accessible and reduce the financial burden on families with daughters.
  • It aims to empower girls, fostering self-reliance and enabling them to command equal respect in society.
  • By supporting girls’ education and reducing financial pressure on families, this scheme also contributes to the eradication of gender-based crimes and challenges negative societal attitudes towards daughters.


The Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2024 holds the promise of transforming the lives of underprivileged children in the state by providing them with the financial means to access education and secure a brighter future. This initiative doesn’t just benefit the individual child but also has far-reaching implications for their families and the society at large.

Access to Education: The foremost benefit of this scheme is that it ensures every child, regardless of their economic background, has access to education. By providing financial assistance from birth, it removes financial barriers that might have otherwise hindered a child’s educational journey.

Employment Opportunities: The Lake Ladki Scheme recognizes that education is the gateway to better employment opportunities. By supporting higher education, it equips underprivileged children with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers that may have otherwise been out of reach.

Immediate Support: For families with a newborn girl child, the scheme provides crucial financial support right from the start. A sum of ₹5,000 is granted to help ease the financial burdens of raising a child in a disadvantaged household.

Continuous Assistance: As the child progresses through their educational journey, the scheme offers ongoing financial support. At the fourth-grade level, a grant of ₹4,000 is provided, which further alleviates the expenses of education.

Transition to Higher Education: When a girl enters the sixth grade, an increased grant of ₹6,000 helps pave the way for higher studies. This ensures that girls have a seamless transition into middle school, eliminating potential barriers to their education.

Support for Advanced Studies: By the time the beneficiary girl enters the 11th grade, they receive ₹8,000, which can be instrumental in pursuing higher studies and specialized courses.

A Brighter Future: The pinnacle of the Lake Ladki Scheme is the ₹75,000 grant that is provided to girls when they reach the age of 18. This substantial sum empowers them to further their education and make independent choices for their future, opening doors to countless possibilities.

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Required Documents For Lek Ladki Yojana – Online Apply

When you are thinking about Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana registration ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Mobile number
  • Income Certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Bank account statement
  • Address proof
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Aadhar cards of parents
  • Birth certificate of the girl child
  • Yellow and orange ration card

Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana Offline Application Process:

The state government has announced the launch of the Lek Ladki Yojana 2024 and its objectives during the annual budget presentation.

The latest clarification by the government on the offline application process for the Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana provides a systematic method.

  • Firstly, candidates must go to the closest Anganwadi facility to ask for help from Anganwadi staff members.
  • Interested parties must complete the Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana application form and turn in a copy of the required paperwork at these centers.
  • This important stage guarantees that the information are properly verified and that the eligibility requirements of the program are met.
  • Anganwadi workers and applicants work together to improve the efficiency of the application process by streamlining it.
  • The Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana offline application requires the completion of these steps successfully, highlighting the significance of precise paperwork and timely submission.

Pradhan Mantri launched PM Garib Kalyan Yojana 2024 to to curb black money and to initiate income equality. Read more to learn about this scheme.

Challenges of Lek Ladki Yojana 2024

Awareness and Outreach: Many government schemes struggle with reaching their intended beneficiaries. Ensuring that women in need are aware of the Lek Ladki Yojana and how to access its benefits is a common challenge.

Eligibility Criteria: Sometimes, the eligibility criteria for such programs can be complex or restrictive, leading to deserving candidates being excluded.

Bureaucratic Hurdles: Administrative red tape and complex application processes can deter women from applying for or receiving assistance.

Financial Resources: Adequate funding and resources are necessary to sustain and expand the program. A lack of financial support can hinder the program’s effectiveness.

Gender Norms and Societal Attitudes: Deep-rooted gender biases and societal norms can hinder the success of programs aimed at women’s empowerment.


Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2024 represents a significant step towards promoting gender equality and empowering girls from economically weaker backgrounds. By providing financial support from birth through education, this scheme is poised to transform the lives of countless girls in the state and pave the way for a more equitable and empowered society. Stay tuned for updates on the application process, and let’s work together to create a brighter future for the girls of Maharashtra.

Lek Ladki Yojana 2024 : FAQs

Q1. What is Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2024?

Lek Ladki Scheme is a government scheme in Maharashtra that aims to provide financial assistance to girls from economically disadvantaged families.

Q2. Who is eligible for Lek Ladki Yojana?

Eligibility criteria include being a permanent resident of Maharashtra, having a bank account in the state, and holding yellow or orange ration cards.

Q4. How is the financial assistance provided?

Financial assistance is distributed in five installments, with each installment serving a specific educational milestone. The funds are typically transferred to the bank account of the girl or her family.

Q5. What is the goal of this Yojana?

The primary objective of the scheme is to reduce the financial burden on families with daughters and promote gender equality

Q6. How does Lek Ladki Yojana contribute to gender equality?

By supporting the education and personal development of girls, this scheme aims to challenge and transform societal norms and stereotypes that have often limited the potential of girls.

Q7. What documents are required to online apply for this scheme?

Commonly needed documents include a mobile number, income certificate, caste certificate, bank account statement, address proof, passport-sized photos, Aadhar cards of parents, the girl child’s birth certificate, and yellow or orange ration cards.

Q8. Is this scheme limited to a certain income bracket?

Yes, the scheme is designed to benefit economically weaker families, based on the possession of yellow or orange ration cards, which are typically issued to households with lower incomes.

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