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Here is a precise article comprising all the functionalities, advantages, objectives, paperwork, registration process, technical aspects, and errors of the Kerala PSC thulasi web portal made with the intent to make Kerala Public commission exams enrollment and recruitment accessible to the general unemployed residents of the Kerala state government. 

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Kerala PSC Thulasi
Kerala PSC Thulasi Portal (KPSC) Login, Status, and Registration 2024

Kerala PSC Thulasi (KPSC thulasi) Overview 

Web Portal Title KPSC Thulasi 
Official Website
Launch Year 2012
Mode of ApplicationOnline 
State Government Kerala Government 
Registration Fee Nil 
PurposeGenerate employment

Build an all-inclusive online platform for Kerala government recruitment. 

For the better reach of government job hiring and examinations for Kerala citizens. 
Age Eligibility 21-50 years 
Documentation Having any government-issued ID card like Aadhar, PAN card, PEN Card, Driving license, and Electoral Card/Voter ID card is a necessity. 

Possessing a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree from an accredited college. 
Category Registration 
Beneficiaries Unemployed Job seekers in Kerala 
Registration Status Active 

Kerala scheme portal i.e. Kerala PSC thulasi portal is an extensive governmental online forum. It is built with the objective of making governmental position openings more visible and approachable to their right fits. By applying for the job role at you will be able to fill out the application form for several job vacancies laid open by the Kerala government with no registration fees involved. 

It is an appreciable step taken by the Kerala government in favor of Keralite job seekers to control the hiking unemployment rates. If we look at the history of Psc in India we will find its roots in 1924. From then on India’s provincial administrations have had complete control over it. Madras and Punjab were among the first to take command over this state-level recruitment. 

The Kerala Psc thulasi recruitment covers multitudes of posts like Sub Inspector, Field Officer, Tradesman, and Treatment Organizer. Applying for any of these mentioned posts is pretty easy at Kerala psc thulasi login. 

Before the foundation of this online platform, the application of Kerala PSC used to take place offline. Being an offline procedure it used to take an extensive amount of time. In the initial days of its debut, in January by the Kerala PSC thulasi enlistment, it was obligatory for users to log in from either Windows PC or MAC as back then mobile browser logins weren’t supported. 

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KPSC Thulasi Functions 

  • The Kerala government advertises its requirements for a particular position through the notification services provided by psc thulasi. They inform about a respective opening through SMS and Email services. This is an exclusive service for registered users. 
  • The KPSC Thulasi job portal bridges the gap between job seekers and job providers residing in Kerala. Both the associated parties get mutually benefited from it. 
  • Kerala PSC Thulasi helps the candidates with their Profile Management. You can even change or modify your job application by updating it time-to-time. For that, you need to sign up at thulasi psc login my profile. 
  • It keeps its registered users at the Kerala PSC thulasi portal in touch with the exams calendar of the latest Kerala job recruitment each month. This gives them an upper hand in preparing for the exams in accordance with the schedules. 
  • It streamlines the process of governmental recruitment in Kerala. All the subtle procedures involved in the application process like submitting the application form, downloading the hall ticket, to checking results are covered at the Kerala PSC thulasi portal itself. 
  • Kerala Thulasi provides a unified space for managing job applications. 

Kerala PSC Thulasi Registration Process 

Here in this segment, we are about to understand the complete process from applying to a posted hiring to confirming the application form within the last date at the Kerala PSC thulasi portal. It demands a one-time-registration process and from then onwards you have access to the Kerala psc thulasi login facilities. Here are some easy steps to register at the Kerala psc thulasi login my profile page. 

  • On the official website of Kerala PSC Thulasi at 
  • Open the registration form given on the homepage itself by clicking on the ‘New Registration’ text link. Here you’ll get redirected to another page. 
Kerala PSC Thulasi Login
Kerala PSC Thulasi Login
  • Add details like name, father and mother name, valid identity proof, gender, caste, religion, DOB, permanent address proof, and other details.
Kerala PSC Thulasi Registration
Kerala PSC Thulasi Registration Process
  • Add an active correct mobile number to take benefit of KPSC thulasi SMS services. For that, there is a separate dedicated icon on the right side of the Kerala PSC Thulasi portal. 
  • Sign-up for the declaration and add the captcha/access code before doing that. 
  • Save the registration number you are provided within this one-frama registration process at KPSC thulasi. The registration numbers play a vital role in your future examination application filing processes. 

Kerala PSC Thulasi Login (PSC Thulasi Login)

Kerala psc thulasi login is quite an easy process which you can do by both your Mobile and PC. To sign into your PSC thulasi account/profile fill up the access code on the screen. Here is the website you can directly refer to while logging into your registered ID

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 Kerala psc thulasi login my profile page Steps

Your Kerala psc thulasi login my profile page helps you get information about all the latest Kerala government recruitments on a single page. Your profile page is where you get all your details and access to modify them at a place. Click on the “Edit Profile” tab located on your profile and modify the given info according to your desire. 

  1. Visit Kerala PSC thulasi and log in to my profile page at
  • Press the “Login” button. 
  • Enter the correct asked details and access code. 
  • Click on the “Submit” button. 

Change Photo & Signature At Thulasi PSC Login my Profile 

kerala psc login my profile
kerala psc login my profile

To resize or change the picture added at the beginning of the registration could be easily changed by navigating through the homepage itself. Resize or replace the picture and verify it to complete the process. 

kerala psc thulasi login my profile page,kerala psc thulasi login

Forgot Password at Kerala PSC Thulasi Profile 

To retrieve your password follow the simple steps given below. Visit to go to the homepage of Kerala PSC thulasi. 

  1. Click on “Forgot Password” situated below the login page at the right-hand side of the home page of the Kerala PSC thulasi web forum. 
  2. Type info such as your User ID, Date of Birth, etc
  3. Write ID Proof No. To proceed to the last step of retrieving your password. This step is crucial to verify your credentials. 
  4. Now, add the case-sensitive verification/access code given on the screen. 

There is one more existing way to resolve this issue. You can consider sending an SMS by typing KL USR RST USER ID & DATE_OF_BIRTH.  Please follow the same format to ensure the smooth running of the process. Send the following message to 166 OR 51969. If you can’t hear back from them try their telephone contacts. 

Apart from the above-mentioned methods you can even consider taking the matter offline to the Kerala PSC office. For that consider visiting Kerala PSC District Office along with your Id proofs. Submit a request application on-spot to the concerned officer present there asking for a new user id or password. 

Multi User Access Not Allowed Issues at Kerala PSC Thulasi Login 

If this comes off as a pop-up notification while you are trying to login into your Kerala PSC Thulasi profile, it deciphers that the system has detected some issues in your signup process. Here is a quick remedy for this technical error. 

  1. Do not Press Back in an attempt to reach the homepage of the Kerala PSC Thulasi portal on the web browser. 
  2. It is highly necessary to log out once you have checked the website or the next time you try to sign in, the system might show this technical fault. 

Kerala psc thulasi,kerala psc thulasi login,Kerala psc thulasi,kerala psc thulasi login

Purpose and Advantages of Kerala PSC Thulasi 

Accountability in Registration & Application Process: 

The complete procedure from start to finish takes place at an accountable forum, verified with help of one-time verification. Being a governmental website you can trust it with your eyes closed. 

Offline to Online Shift making Process Faster: 

Having it all online makes the procedure easier. When founded Kerala PSC thulasi login was only possible on PC or MAC excluding the scope of reaching out to it. 

All Steps of an Employments condensed at a Page: 

At Kerala PSC Thulasi Login my profile page you get access to everything from checking the results to reviving the call letter everything gets managed at your psc thulasi login my profile itself. This makes the application process for the Kerala Psc exams hassle-free. 

Creating awareness for Kerala State Governments Hiring 

By getting access to Kerala psc thulasi login my profile page, you can keep yourself updated with the latest state government open positions. It is one of the major functions of KPSC Thulasi. 

KPSC Thulasi Job Application Apply & Status 

As we have now read concerning the login & registration process we are about to see how to apply for the latest opportunities updated at the official PSC Thulasi site. The approaching hiring of 2024 with the examination schedule is already updated on their legal website, You can create your account by registering to relish these KPSC-administered facilities. 

Job Opening Applying Process at Kerala PSC thulasi

It is simple to apply for an examination or job hiring at the KPSC Thulasi web portal. All you need would be to check the eligibility criteria of the specific post. 

A notification comes up when you proceed with the command kerala psc thulasi open my profile. From job opening ‘apply the last date’ to ‘venue and landmarks’ everything is provided on their site itself. 

All the upcoming examinations are provided there and once you click on it you acknowledge your education and qualification wise whether you are an eligible applicant for it or not. Note the category of the job for future reference while scrolling through the list. 

Their advanced system has made it easy to look for the application KPSC status at the profile login itself. For that, you can click on the year tab and the next application status. Click on the right corner of the screen to see whether the application has been submitted or is still Incomplete. There you can proceed with the confirmation step that too before the last date of applying for recruitment application. 

If you have given the examination you can even check the ranked list of the result by going to the result section on the homepage. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Kerala PSC Recruitment 

The best part about the eligibility criteria is that you don’t have to check for the prerequisites of the vacancy. You can learn that by only clicking on the job opportunity of the Kerala Public Service Commission. 

There are various checkpoints candidates must keep in mind while applying for a job at the Kerala PSC Thulasi platform. 

  1. You must have Permanent Residential proof proving your Nationality to be Indian. Your address proof should establish you as a Kerala resident to cherish the services by 
  2. The applying candidates must possess governmental documentation. Some government-issued documents that will have to be scanned while applying are Aadhar Card, Voter ID/Electoral Card, PAN & PEN card, and Driving License. While processing your user ID for future reference you need to link your Aadhar with it. 
  3. You should hold a bachelor’s and preferably a master’s degree from an accredited college while laying hands on the qualification section of your portfolio at KPSC thulasi login. If you have been a deemed university graduate, you can select the outside state university option on the registration form of the psc thulasi login my profile. 
  4. You should fall under the age bracket of 21-50 years. 
  5. You needed to add a digitally scanned photo and signature of yours as well to complete the setting of the credentials in the personal details section. Applicants are allowed to put in Black and White signatures ruled out digitally of 150w/100H px of a maximum of 30 KB. And for the image, the criteria is 150w/200H px in a JPG format. 
  6. Language proficiency is another important aspect of grabbing governmental job roles in Kerala. However, it isn’t an officially mentioned factor. 

Kerala State Governments Exams 

Once you are done with confirming your job application by going to thulasi psc login my profile the further steps are to download the admission hall tickets(whenever issued) and check the exam date of the competitive tests and venue details mentioned on it. 

The syllabus of exams demanding Plus-Two level qualification and Degree-level qualifications are different from each other. The level of questions would reflect their respective qualification requirements. 

Kerala Psc Thulasi Login My Profile Page Departmental Test 

You can access the ‘departmental test’ on the Kerala PSC Thulasi login portal. 

The intent behind these tests is to give government employees promotions as per their scores. 

  1. Log in by adding your User ID and Password at if you have an existing registered account. 
  • Go to the ‘Departmental Test’ section given on the homepage to see which tests are available. 
  • Click on the ‘submit button’ provided there to apply for the test.

Kerala PSC Thulasi help-desk 

If and when you face any difficulties in operating the Kerala PSC Thulasi web portal this efficient support team is at your rescue. 

Kerala PSC Thulasi help-desk can be contacted in case you’re unable to access any feature of the portal. 

Here are some of the phone contacts of the KPSC thulasi with whom you can get in touch with while applying for openings at the KPSC Thulasi portal. 








You can also visit their official website and click on the “Contact Us” segments where you can submit your inquiry in the form of a message. The link to Contact Us is given at the bottom of the page. 

Apart from that if you have a general query you can check out their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the legal website. 

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Kerala PSC Thulasi : FAQs

Q1. How to proceed if I forgot my User ID? 

No technical procedure relevant to this query has been given on the site. You can place a call to the Help Desk Support Unit of Kerala PSC Thulasi regarding this issue of forgotten User ID. Or, you can reach out to the authorities by sending an SMS to KL USR. 

Q2. What are the criteria for uploading an Image and Signature at the Kerala PSC Thulasi online portal? 

First, The image to be included should fall in the given brackets of pixels, 150×200 pixels. Secondly, The image and signature should be digitally scanned. 

Q3. How do I log into Kerala PSC Thulasi?

First, Add registered ID and password, Click on the access code(sensitive case) filling bar to add it and then Further proceed to click on the login button which will give a Kerala psc thulasi open my profile command to redirect you to your OTR profile

Q4. How can i check my Kerala PSC profile?

Once you have registered at the platform you own a profile at the Kerala Thulasi portal. You can check your profile their by login into the PSC Thulasi official portal through this link All your details can be added and edited at your profile itself.

Q5. How can I check my PSC vacancy in Kerala?

You can check PSC vacancy in Kerala by going to official website of Kerala PSC entitled Kerala PSC Thulasi. There after registering and logging into your profile you can check for the recent job openings in the notification section.


The following write-up was an attempt to educate you on all aspects of registration, login and about the issues concerned with the Kerala PSC Thulasi login portal. The motive behind launching such a platform was to connect skilled applicants with proper Kerala government hiring. All the candidates who align with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria can consider registering followed by applying for the hiring on the Kerala PSC Thulasi portal. 

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Kerala PSC Thulasi,psc thulasi login

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