IPL Auction 2025 : Date, venue, Base Price, Retentions, Squad Purse and Categories

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The 17th season of the IPL is over, with Chennai Super Kings winning a thriller against Gujarat Titans. There is no doubt that the fact that Indian Premier League is the most followed twenty 20 cups in the world, with viewers from different parts of the world. 

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Last year had some amazing on-field and off-field actions, and fans are more eager to have the same experience in IPL 2025 too. And thus, we are more eager to know about the dates of the ipl 2025 auction, where the teams will choose the new players for their franchise. 

TournamentIndian Premier League
Season17th Season 
Control AuthorityBoard of Control for Cricket in India
Total Franchises10 Teams
Budget of Each teamRs 100 Crore
Total Released PlayersNot Announced
IPL 2025 ScheduleApril 2025 ( To be Launched )
IPL Portaliplt20.com

Viewership of TATA IPL

Regarding the viewership of this mega t20 league, TATA IPL is always on top. JIO Cinema and Hotstar bagged crores with exhilarating viewership. Near the end of the previous season, the media channels had record-breaking views, and some broke their records in successive matches.

IPL Auction 2025

But we want to know about the ipl 2025 auction date. Since the auction marks the commencement of another successful year of IPL, fans are more curious to know about the 2025 date and time. And if you want to know more about it, read through this article in detail.

Highlights of IPL Auction 2024

In December 2023, the IPL auction for 2024 unfolded, featuring a total of 333 players who went under the hammer on the 19th of the month.

During the auction, the 10 IPL franchises successfully secured 72 players, including 30 from overseas. A staggering amount exceeding Rs. 230 crores was collectively spent by the franchises to acquire their preferred players.

Similar to the previous season, the Indian Premier League in 2025 will feature a competition among 10 teams. Additionally, the impact player rule will continue to be a part of the 2024 season, allowing each team the flexibility to play 12 players in a particular match by strategically shuffling one player during the 2nd innings.

ipl 2024 auction date
IPL 2025 Auction Date

Base Amount for IPL 2025 Auction

Although, we have yet to receive official information on the ipl mini auction 2025 team purse. But, from some inside information from Indian Cricket, we could guess that the purse could rise to 100 crores. In the last year’s auction, the price had increased by five crore rupees and was increased to a total of 95 crores. 

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The teams put the funding together to create a remarkable squad, including the international and the capped and uncapped national players. Let us wait for auction date to be released, after which we can know about the ipl 2025 auction player list and the squad values to be assigned to the franchises. 

Although the teams have the purse to spend, but the laws state that 75% of the total purse for the ipl mini auction 2025 needs to be invested in the players. And the top 5 players from the ipl 2025 auction player list for the individual team can get up to 30-40% of the total team’s budget.

Retention Rules for IPL 2025 Auction

Since the ipl 2025 auction will not be as big as the 2024 auction, most of the players will look to retain their players during the trade window. The teams in ipl auction 2025 will indeed retain the players who have performed well for the team in the 2024 season and have shown promising results. But there will be certain players in the ipl mini auction 2025 who will be released by the teams.

The players released by the teams will go to the auction table, who can be purchased by the new teams. The former teams can also purchase the released players from ipl auction 2025 table. The teams are allowed to retain only three capped Indian players and two foreigner and uncapped Indians before the auction. 

And there is also an RTM card option that can be used by the teams for the ipl auction 2025. But in that case, the competitor will have to match the offer they are giving to the player. Let us wait for the ipl auction 2025 date to be released before we can know more about the retention rules for this time. 

Categories of Players in ipl Auction 2025

You can find three categories of players who will feature in the ipl auction 2025 and will be available for the teams to purchase. 

Capped Players: Capped players in the ipl 2025 auction are those who have represented the Indian team in any format of the game at least once.

Uncapped Players: Uncapped players have represented the domestic teams but have never played for the Indian team at least once. 

Foreign or Overseas Players: These players may be capped or uncapped from adjacent nations or foreign countries. The number of foreign players in the auction is less than that of Indian players.

But according to the rules of the Indian Premier League, one franchise can have a maximum of 8 foreign players in the team, with four players playing in a single match. Until and unless the date and time is released, we cannot confirm anything about the upcoming season’s capped, uncapped, or foreign players.

RTM or Right to Match Rule in IPL 2025 Auction

The Right to Match card or the RTM card, as it is called, is an interesting feature of the ipl 2025 auction. An RTM card allows the franchise to purchase a player from the auction who was not retained by the team and got the highest bid price in the current auction. 

For example: When Rohit Sharma was not retained by Mumbai Indians, Chennai bid 15 crore for him in the auction. At this time, Mumbai Indians could use the RTM card to match the final bid for Rohit Sharma. 

Popular teams like Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings use this technique in the auction and are expected to do the same in ipl 2025 auction.

IPL 2025 Auction Venue

This auction has some probable venues where it can be held. The venues where the auction can take place are Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Jaipur, and Kolkata. Until the date is released, we cannot say about the location or the venue where the action is to be held. Last year’s ipl auction saw a spending of whopping 95 crores by the teams, and it is expected to increase this year.   

Latest Updates on the ipl 2025 auction date

With more years evolving, the Indian Premier League is also seeing new updates in its gameplay. Franchise owners are looking for exciting trends and searching for talents. So once the ipl 2025 auction date is released, the team owners can start hardcore preparation for player retention or acquisitions. 


The scouting teams of the respective franchise will already look for talents over the year and target them during the auction. So, stay tuned for more updates on the ipl 2025 auction. With more tournaments on line for the Indian cricket team, the craze for the Indian Premier League remains the same. If you are interested in knowing more about the IPL 2025 auction, the dates and the venues or the players that are to be traded, read this article in detail.


Q1. When will IPL 2025 auction take place?

It will take place at sometime around December or January. The dates are yet to be released by BCCI.

Q2. What is the budget for each team in IPL 2025?

The budget for each team in IPL 2025 is expected to be around 100Crore.

Q3. When will the trade window open?

The trade window for IPL 2025 opens just before the auction. You can know about the retained and the acquired players.

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