APAAR Card 2023: Government Ambitious “One Nation One ID” Initiative for Students

APAAR Card 2023 | One Nation One ID | APAAR Card For Students

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The Indian government is preparing to launch the “One Nation, One ID” initiative, focusing on students from both government and private schools. This unique identification system, aptly named the “Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry” APAAR card, seeks to streamline and enhance the educational experience for India’s youth.

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APAAR Card: Government's "One Nation, One ID" scheme for Students

Introducing APAAR card: Enhancing Student Identity

The government is now poised to extend the concept of a unique identity number to the student community. The proposed identity, the “Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry” APAAR card, represents a pivotal development within the framework of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. It aims to create a comprehensive record of a student’s educational journey, providing a robust and centralized system for tracking their academic achievements.

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APAAR card: Complementing Aadhaar

Importantly, the APAAR card will not replace the Aadhaar Card but will work in tandem with it. While the Aadhaar Card caters to various identification needs, the APAAR card will specifically focus on students. It will encompass learners at all levels, from pre-primary to higher education, and will serve as a lifelong identification number, faithfully documenting a student’s educational progress.

Securing Consent: A Collaborative Approach

To ensure the smooth implementation of the APAAR ID system, the government has taken a collaborative approach by involving parents. Schools across the nation have been directed to initiate conversations with parents and obtain their consent for their children’s enrollment in the program. This proactive step aligns with the government’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

Educational Institutions Facilitate Dialogue

To familiarize parents and teachers with the significance of the APAAR ID, educational institutions have been tasked with organizing meetings between October 16 and 18. These gatherings will provide a platform to discuss the importance of the new system and address any concerns. Furthermore, teachers have been entrusted with updating students’ vital information, such as blood type, height, and weight, as the Aadhaar ID data will serve as the foundation for the APAAR ID.

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One Nation One ID Card Registration: APAAR Card

The Ministry of Education introduced the APAAR Card for students, a digital identification card for students in India, encompassing both private and government educational institutions. The primary objective of the “One Nation One ID Card Registration” through APAAR is to provide students with a comprehensive repository for their academic achievements, degrees, and pertinent information.

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Upon successful completion of the APAAR Card registration process, you will gain access to the ABC Card, which features your unique 12-digit APAAR Number. This APAAR ID Card grants you the privilege of availing all the benefits accessible through the portal.

APAAR Card PDF Download

It is noteworthy that the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) has been launched following deliberations in the National Education Policy (NEP). This online platform permits all students to register and take advantage of the offerings tied to the APAAR Card. To facilitate the process, here is a step-by-step guide to the APAAR Card PDF download.

  1. Download from abc.gov.in: Visit the official website, abc.gov.in, where you will find a direct link for downloading the APAAR Card.
  2. Verify Your Details: After obtaining the APAAR Card in PDF format, it is essential to meticulously review the information provided on the card. This includes verifying your name, APAAR ID, QR Code, and other relevant particulars.

A Growing Network of Registrants

Currently, the initiative has garnered significant traction with thousands of educational institutions and a substantial two crore students who have embraced online registration for either the ABC Card or the APAAR ID Card.

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ABC Bank Registration Through Digilocker

Furthermore, the ABC Bank Registration through Digilocker is now open, and it is highly recommended that all students complete this process to access the associated benefits. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Digilocker platform and initiate the ABC Bank Account registration using your mobile number.
  2. Select your university or school, and specify your academic qualification and other necessary information.
  3. Submit the form, and allow the APAAR Card to be generated.
  4. Your ABC Card will be issued online, available for download, and ready for use across various services.

It’s essential to note that many discounts applicable to students can be availed by both ABC Card holders and APAAR Card users.

Guide for APAAR Card Apply Registration Online @ abc.gov.in

For an efficient APAAR ID registration process online at abc.gov.in, follow these instructions:

  1. Access the website https://www.abc.gov.in/ and wait for the homepage to load.
  2. Click on “Login” and proceed to the “Signup” option.
  3. Utilize your mobile number and Aadhar Card number for registration.
  4. Select your school or university and specify your class or course.
  5. Submit the form, and your APAAR ID Card will be promptly generated.
  6. Download it online and unlock access to your academic credits.

This comprehensive system provides students with an invaluable digital resource to enhance their educational journey and simplify access to educational benefits.

Benefits of Apaar Card For Students

The APAAR ID sheme offers several benefits for students and the educational system in India:

Unified Academic Record: The APAAR ID sheme provides a lifelong, digital record of a student’s academic achievements, including degrees, certificates, and academic credits. It simplifies the process of accessing and sharing these records, making it easier for students to apply for jobs, further education, or scholarships.

Streamlined Administrative Processes: The card simplifies administrative tasks for educational institutions. It reduces paperwork, minimizes errors, and speeds up processes like student registration and record-keeping.

One Nation, One ID: The initiative aligns with the “One Nation, One ID” vision, creating a standardized identification system for all students, irrespective of whether they attend private or government schools or colleges. This promotes uniformity and accessibility in education.

Efficient Verification: Employers, universities, and other institutions can quickly verify a student’s educational credentials through the APAAR ID sheme, reducing the risk of fraudulent or misrepresented qualifications.

Digital Access: The APAAR ID card for students is stored digitally, making it easy to access and share academic information. It reduces the need for physical document handling and storage.

Convenient Access to Benefits: Students can access various educational benefits and services through their APAAR ID, such as scholarships, rewards, and other credits, simplifying the process of obtaining these benefits.

Enhanced Data Security: The digital nature of the APAAR ID ensures that students’ academic records are securely stored and protected against loss or damage.

Inclusivity: The system is designed to cater to students from pre-primary to higher education, ensuring that all levels of education are included in this standardized system.

Ease of Updates: The APAAR ID can be regularly updated as students progress in their academic journeys, keeping their records current and accurate.

Savings on Administrative Costs: Educational institutions can reduce administrative costs associated with manual record-keeping and document verification, leading to more efficient operations.

The APAAR ID card is a significant step towards modernizing the Indian education system, offering students, institutions, and employers a more efficient, secure, and standardized way to manage and verify academic records.


The APAAR ID for students, a cornerstone of the government’s visionary “One Nation One ID” initiative, is a transformative step towards a unified and efficient education system in India. This digital identification card not only simplifies administrative processes, but also ensures that students can easily access and manage their academic records.

With millions of students and thousands of institutions already onboard, the APAAR ID for students is poised to create a more equitable and accessible educational environment. It stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to streamlining education and providing a secure, lifelong academic identity for all students, fostering a brighter future for India’s educational landscape.

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Q1. What is the APAAR Card?

The APAAR Card is a digital identification card for students in India that serves as a lifelong repository for academic records, including degrees, certificates, and academic credits.

Q2. Who is eligible for an APAAR Card?

Every student in India, from pre-primary to higher education, is eligible for an APAAR Card.

Q3. What is the purpose of the APAAR Card?

The main purpose is to provide students with a secure and easily accessible record of their academic achievements.

Q4. Can I use the APAAR Card for job applications and higher education admissions?

Yes, the APAAR Card can be used for verification of academic credentials and is accepted by employers and universities for admissions and employment.

Q5. What information does the APAAR Card contain?

It typically contains the student’s name, APAAR ID, a QR code for quick verification, and academic records.

Q6. Is the APAAR Card secure?

Yes, the digital nature of the card enhances security, reducing the risk of fraud or document tampering.

Q7. Can I update the information on my APAAR Card?

Yes, the card can be updated as you progress in your academic journey to reflect new achievements and degrees.

Q8. Is there a fee for obtaining an APAAR Card?

The process of obtaining an APAAR Card is typically facilitated by educational institutions, and there may be associated fees determined by the institution.

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